13 02 2008

Since when did January and February become such a crazy time of year?  Sometimes I wish I were a bear and it was hibernation time although then I’d miss all of my friends turning the big 3-0!  Kris and I have definitely been celebrating a lot of nerdy at 30 birthdays lately and well, Kris is 31!  Holy Moly, I’m married to a 31 year old man.  Now we’re on to some first birthdays which have way cooler presents than the 30 year old parties.  Unfortunately we had to miss little Patrick Ciccone’s extravaganza as Bentley (the big furry beast) came down with a severe case of pancreatitis.  I thought this was a disease for drunk chubby middle aged men, however, I guess furry beasts can have it too.  After a few nights in the doggie ICU and a few trips to the emergency vet (Kris’s 31st Birthday), Bentley seems to be on the road to recovery.   He gave us a scare and I was really ticked off at his pancreas!  Now onto our nephew, Kinser’s, First Birthday Party!My Basketball Season is finally wrapping up.  The tournament starts the last week of February.  Go St. Andrew!  Let me tell you, you haven’t experienced March Madness until you’ve experienced the NCPL tourney.  One more thing….we’re trying to decide on our next trip to Europe.  Italy or Scandinavia?  Wine or Boiled Fish?  Any thoughts? 



Day 1

12 02 2008

Well, here it is.  For those of you who can’t get enough Kris and Starrin, you can now get your fill 24-hours a day.  Check back soon for more wonderful things about our lives.